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#205 : Deuxième chance

Scénario: Chad Fiveash et James Stoteraux

Réalisation: Morgan Beggs

La relation entre Kyle et Amanda revient peu à peu à la normale. Nicole et Stephen doivent gérer une situation délicate avec leur fils, Josh. Pendant ce temps, Lori et Declan prennent une grande désicion. Quant à Jessi, elle a son premier rendez-vous avec Nicole.


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Come to your senses

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Deuxième chance

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Kyle's Room - After Midnight

[Kyle ties a blindfold around his head, covering his eyes, and sits quietly in his tub listening to the sounds of the house around him.]

Foss calls it sensory deprivation.  The removal of all other senses to enhance the one sense that remains.  As I focused on the nighttime sounds that surrounded me, the world became more vivid than it ever had before.  So did the people around me.  I could sense things, like the guilt and uncertainty over losing a job.  [Upstairs, Stephen tosses and turns in bed]  Or the anxiety and self doubt over starting a new one.  [In her office, Nicole reads over the notes on her new patient, Jessi, and taps her pen nervously]  Even staying up way past bedtime to spend time with a new friend.  [In the living room, Josh plays G-Force with AndyJ]  Or the first sparks of creativity which can't quite mask the pain over a breakup.  [Lori sits on her bed playing the guitar]

But soon the walls of the Trager house began to disappear. . .and I could hear past the symphony of crickets. . .all the way into Amanda's house, where I could hear the soft pounding of her heart.  [Amanda is fast asleep in her bed; the clock reads 1:30 am]  It seemed even a broken heart beats just the same.  But there was another heartbeat.  It was different, erratic.

[In the darkened house, a man stops outside of Amanda's open bedroom door.  He is wearing a parka with the hood pulled up closely around his face.  As he steps into the room, she wakes up and sees him standing there.]


[The man runs out of her room.  Sensing her fear, Kyle gasps and pulls off the blindfold.  He climbs out of the bathtub and runs outside.  Racing around Amanda's house to the side door, he calls out to her.]

[He runs up the stairs to the side door just as she opens it.]
Are you all right?

There was a man in our house!  He's getting away!

[Kyle looks over his shoulder just as the gate in the fence behind the house swings closed and latches.  Following the intruder, he opens the gate and runs out into the street behind the house.  He looks up and down the road, but doesn't see anyone.]

The thing about sensory deprivation is you can use it to enhance any of the senses.  But like my hearing, in order to increase what my eyes could see, I had to tune out all of my other senses. . .until the only thing left was my vision.  [concentrates on a possible hiding place]  Otherwise, I would have heard the car start.

[Kyle turns his head when a car's headlights come on behind him.  Tires squealing, the car peels away from the curb and races down the street directly towards Kyle.  He has just a few moments to leap out of the way and roll to safety as the car speeds by him and around the corner.]

[Opening Theme]


[The police are parked outside of Amanda's house, lights flashing.  Outside, Kyle runs up the front steps and into the living room.  Amanda sits in a chair looking at a framed photograph she is holding in her hands.]

KYLE [walks up to her; he is very concerned]
Are you okay?

AMANDA [lays photograph on a table]
Yeah.  Sort of.
I guess he got away?

I tried to follow him, but -
[At that moment, Amanda's mother walks in with one of the police officers.]

Detective Myatt, this is my. . .[she sees Kyle standing there] daughter, Amanda.  [Amanda stands up]

[to Kyle]  And you would be?

Kyle.  I live next door and I -

- have nothing to do with this.  [The Detective looks over at Mrs. Bloom]

Mom, of course he has something to do with this.  He chased after the guy.

[to Kyle]  Did you get a good look at him?

He drove away too fast.

Did you catch the license plate number?

[to Amanda]  I'm sorry.  [She looks disappointed]

[to Amanda]  Is there anything else missing?

AMANDA  [shakes her head]
No.  Just my bracelet.  [reaches for the photograph]  It was a gold antique charm bracelet.  It's been in my family forever.  It was a gift from my dad.
[She hands the picture to the Detective.  It is a photograph of a smiling elderly woman wearing the bracelet.]

Do you mind if I take this and make a copy?

No, that's fine.  [Detective leaves]
[approaches Amanda and takes her hands]  I'm sure the police will do everything they can to find it, sweetheart.  The important thing is, no one was hurt.

Is there anything I can do?

MRS. BLOOM  [very mean]
Yes.  You can let us deal with this as a family.

[She walks to the front door, opens it and stands there waiting for Kyle to leave.  He looks over at Amanda, but she just turns her head away, upset.  When Kyle walks out the door, Mrs. Bloom slams it shut behind him.  He looks at the shut door, then slowly walks down the steps towards home.]

Kitchen - The Next Morning

[Kyle is sitting at the kitchen counter staring over his bowl of cereal and SPKs.  Lori walks in behind him and lays her cell phone on the counter.]

You haven't heard from Declan lately, have you?

KYLE [looks up]
No, why?

LORI [sits next to him]
I want him to pick up all the crap he left here, and he won't call me back.  It's like he's totally gone off the grid.  [Kyle stares into his cereal]
I take it things aren't back to normal with you and Amanda?

KYLE [looks at her]
Why would you say that?

You've got your "Amanda" look.

I've got an "Amanda" look?

LORI [nodding]
Three or four.

Which one do I have now?

The one every girl wants a guy to have when he's thinking about her.
Just give her time.

[Nicole and Stephen walk into the kitchen.]

NICOLE [heads toward the coffee pot]
I just think we should call the alarm company.  Have them send someone out to check out our system.

STEPHEN [holding morning paper as usual]
The only thing that would bother me more than an intruder in the house would be that creep, Tom Foss, showin' up again.  [Kyle looks up at him]

[Kyle is squirming in his chair]  Why do we have an alarm anyway if we have Kyle to chase down the bad guys?

[to Kyle]  Oh yeah.  I wanted to talk to you about that.  Chasin' after that guy, what were you thinkin'?

I was thinking I wanted to catch him.

[Stephen starts to say something back to him, but Josh walks in right at that moment wearing his Rack t-shirt.]

Well, I'm off to work.  Figure somebody in this house should have a job.

NICOLE [holding her coffee]
Uh, you know, Josh, I happen to be seeing my first patient today.

Great.  You're worried about some whack job breaking in, but inviting them in is no big deal?

Josh. . .

I'm just saying, is it really a good idea to bring your freaky patients into your house?  [Kyle stops chewing cereal and stares at him; Stephen does, too.]
No offense, Kyle.  [Kyle smiles at him]

Uh, that reminds me, guys.  My patients expect privacy, so my office is off limits.  So, please make yourselves scarce whenever I have a session.
[to Josh]  And my patient?. . .is not a freak.


[Jessi is sitting by herself in the dark staring straight ahead at nothing.  She doesn't even turn her head when she hears a key in the lock.  Opening the door, Emily turns on the lights then freezes for a moment when she sees Jessi just sitting there.]

You know that you can turn the lights on?  [shuts the door]

What for?

HOLLANDER [hangs keys on a hook on the wall]
Forget it.  Are you ready for your first session with Dr. Trager?

Why do I have to do this again?

Because you've had a hard time since we moved here.  It's been hard for you adjusting and making friends.
[She reaches out and pulls a strand of hair off of Jessi's face.  She suddenly stops when Jessi slightly rolls her eyes at the gesture.]
I think you're ready.


Living Room

[Stephen is sitting on the couch playing G-Force.  Nicole comes in to grab a folder off the desk with the computer and watches him playing the game.]

I know what you're thinkin'.  But I've already sent out a million resumes, and I've talked to that headhunter.  And besides, this is fun.

Fine, fine.  Can you just keep it down a little?  My patient will be here any minute.

Yeah, no problem.  Besides [picks up earpiece], I wanna check out Josh's new headset anyway.  [Behind him, Nicole leaves.  Suddenly, Stephen hears voices coming over the headset.]

Hair-trigger Trager!  Thought you were at work?

STEPHEN [confused]
Hello?  Is somebody talkin' to me?

Well, duh!

Sounds like Josh has been smokin' more of that skunk weed.  You're hearin' voices, man.  You know that stuff makes you paranoid.


Put your hands up and step away from the bowl, Trager.

STEPHEN [pulls off headset]
Skunk weed?

The Foyer

[In his room, Kyle is at his desk starting another picture.  While he is tapping out his drawing, the front doorbell rings and Nicole walks across the foyer to answer it.]

NICOLE [opens door]
Hi, Emily.  Please come in.

HOLLANDER [comes inside with Jessi]

And you must be Jessi.  I'm Nicole.

[Jessi doesn't answer her.  She is in her own world, listening to the sounds of tapping coming from Kyle's room.  At the same time, Kyle glances up from his drawing, sensing that something is ‘off' in the house.  Unconsciously, he taps harder and harder on the paper until he breaks the crayon in half.]

HOLLANDER [to Jessi]
Hey, it's okay.  [Jessi snaps out of it]  You're in good hands with Dr. Trager.  Um, I'll be back in an hour, okay?  [exchanges smiles with Nicole]  Bye.

NICOLE [to Jessi]
So you ready to get started?


My office is right this way.  [pats her on the arm and leads the way]

[Kyle slowly stands up from his desk and looks towards the bedroom door.  He begins to walk towards it.]

NICOLE [leading Jessi down hallway]
Just this way.

[She opens her office door and gestures for Jessi to come inside and sit down.  She shuts the door behind them.  Kyle walks slowly down the hallway and looks around.  He turns to face the office door.  The sign hanging in the front says "Session in Progress."
Grabbing her notepad, Nicole sits across from Jessi.]

Moving to a new town can be difficult for anyone, but you could try to look at this as a new beginning.  A chance to leave behind whatever you didn't like about your old life.  You're a blank slate.
[Kyle walks slowly up to the door.  Jessi is sitting very still in the chair, staring towards the office door.]

Jessi, are you all right?

There's someone there.
[Nicole looks towards the door.  On the other side, Kyle puts his fingers on the door, sensing something inside.]

NICOLE [looks back at her]
Jessi, we're alone.

JESSI [looks at Nicole and nods her head towards the door]
There's someone out there.

[Nicole stands up.  Kyle can hear her on the other side.  When she opens the door and looks up and down the hallway, no one is there.  She turns to look back at Jessi.]


[Kyle walks into the busy police station holding a folder.  He spots Amanda sitting in the waiting area and goes over to her.]

There you are.  [stands in front of her]  The police called.  They told me they have a suspect.

Yeah, they wanna see if I can identify him.

KYLE [sits in seat next to her]
Did they find your bracelet?

Not yet.
Why are you down here?

KYLE [nervously plays with edges of the folder he holds in his lap]
Detective Myatt wanted me to come down and try and identify the car they think the intruder used. 
[He looks over at two men handcuffed to their seats.]
Why would people risk stealing if they could end up here and lose everything?

AMANDA [looks at the men]
I guess they count on not getting caught.

But odds are they will eventually.
[making conversation]  How much time do you think the guy that broke into your house will spend in prison?

Kyle, I don't care.  I just want my bracelet back.
You know, it never really mattered to me how much it was worth.  It was the last thing my dad gave me before he died.  That's what made it special.
I guess it sounds silly.

No.  I understand.  [reaches under his shirt for the cord holding his ring]  I feel the same way about this.  [shows her the ring]

AMANDA [touches the ring and looks at it]
Did you get that from your family?

KYLE [smiles to himself]
Yes.  [Tucks rings back under his shirt]  I wish there was more I can do.  With everything you've been through, I -

You've been through a lot, too.

Still, I -

Kyle, stop worrying about me.  I'm fine.

No, you're not.

I just want things to go back to the way they were.
[They turn away from each other.  Kyle stares straight ahead of him.]

Lori's Room

[Lori sits on her bed strumming the guitar.  A large open carton is on the floor next to the bed.  The door opens, and with a soft tap, Declan walks in carrying a backpack.  She stops playing when he comes inside.]

DECLAN [gesturing]
Your, uh, dad let me in.

How ya been?


Where ya been?

DECLAN [sits on the edge of her desk]

LORI [lays guitar on the bed]
Okay.  Well, if you're gonna be all vague and monosyllabic on me, let's just get the hostage trade over with.  [glances at the carton]

DECLAN [stands up again]
So, is that everything?  [gestures towards the box]

LORI [unfastens her necklace and holds it out to him by the chain]
Now it is.

I gave that to you for Christmas.

LORI [still holding it out]
And now I'm giving it back.

You keep it.

LORI [puts necklace on her night stand]
Then we're done.  I'll have my lawyer send over the paperwork.

You know, if you ever need anything. . .if anything ever happens. . .  [she stares at him]
I'm here for you, right?

Are you confused about the whole dumping thing?  It kinda means I stopped counting on you.

Trager -

It also means you're no longer allowed to "Trager" me.

[She kicks the carton towards the door with her foot.  Picking up her guitar again, she ignores him.  Declan picks up the box, and with a final look at her over his shoulder, he leaves.  As he heads out of the door and down the stairs, Lori begins to cry.]

Nicole's Office

[Their first session over, Nicole reaches for the phone on her desk.]

I'll walk ya out, Jessi.  Just let me call your sister and tell her you're ready.

Okay.  [walks out of office]

The Foyer

[Declan is walking down the staircase with the large carton in his arms.  Jessi comes around the corner and sees him.  She watches him struggling with one hand to open the front door without dropping the box.  He looks up and sees her staring at him.]

Little help?
[The bottom of the carton breaks open and everything inside spills out on the floor.  He throws the empty box on top of the pile.]

[He crouches down and begins picking up his belongings and putting them back inside the box.  Jessi comes over and reaches down and picks up a CD and a condom.]

JESSI [reading outside of packet]
For whose pleasure?

DECLAN [looks up]

JESSI [hands him the condom]
It says, "Ribbed for Her - "

DECLAN [snatches it out of her hand]
[She hands him his CD]
[She just keeps staring, obviously attracted to him.  Declan picks up the box again.]
You, uh, think you can get the door for me?  [She opens the front door]
I'm Declan, by the way.  [She just looks at him.  Behind them, Lori starts to come downstairs, then stops and watches them together.]
"Oh, nice to meet you, Declan.  My name's. . ."
Usually, that'd be where you'd say your name.

JESSI [with a little smile]

Later Jessi.

[Both Lori and Jessi watch him leave.  Lori goes back upstairs, but Jessi stares after Declan through the beveled glass in the front door.]


[Still in the waiting room, Kyle and Amanda stand up when the Detective approaches them.  She pulls a photograph out of a folder and shows it to Kyle.  It is a photo of an old car.]

Does this look like the car you saw?
[Kyle smiles, pulls drawing out of his folder and hands it to her.  It is a picture of an old car and it exactly matches the one in the photograph].
I guess so.
Unfortunately, this car was stolen last week.  We found it abandoned.
[looking at drawing]  This is incredibly detailed.  Are you sure you didn't see the guy's face?

Kyle, maybe you can remember if you concentrate.

I'm sorry.  I didn't see him.  I wish I did.

Well, hopefully, you can ID him.

[Amanda nods and walks away with the Detective.  Kyle goes back to his seat to wait for her.  For a moment, he watches a young girl walk by who is dressed like a prostitute.]

Nicole's Office

[Nicole is busy writing up her notes at the desk.  Stephens walks inside.]

Hey.  How'd it go?

I'm still getting my feet wet.

Good.  [rubs his hands together]  Cause I'm in a little over my head.
[Nicole looks up and watches him as he sits across from her]
Uh, Josh is smokin' pot.

NICOLE [surprised]
What?  How do ya know?

I overheard his friends talkin'.  [Waves his hand]  It's a long story.

Wha -  How could we miss it?

I don't know.  But I searched his room and I couldn't find anything.

Then maybe his friends were kidding.  I mean, where would Josh get pot?

[Stephen starts to shake his head, but stops.  Looking at her with wide eyes, he gets up out of the chair.
Nicole follows Stephen upstairs to their bedroom.  He pulls open the closet door.]

What is it?

I think we're Josh's supplier.

What are you talkin' about?

STEPHEN [reaching onto top shelf]
He found our pot stash.

We have a pot stash?
[He pulls out a shoebox and removes the lid.  He takes out a rolled up baggie that is obviously empty.]

STEPHEN [looks at empty bag and tosses it back into the shoebox]
Not anymore.

Where did that come from?

The New Year's Eve party.

That was years ago.  [He puts box back on the shelf]  You were supposed to get rid of that.

STEPHEN [faces her]
Oh, so it's my fault I didn't smoke it all?

Okay. . .what are we gonna tell Josh?

That you have cancer.  [She gives him a look]
[shrugs]  I don't know.

Well, we have to make sure he knows that we're not gonna stand for him doin' drugs.

All right, so. . .Good Cop, Bad Cop?

More like Bad Cop, Worse Cop.

All right.  [looks at her]  Which one am I?

Bad Cop.  You go in first, I'll go in after and make sure he's scared straight.

Why do I have to go first?  [she glares at him]
All right.  I'll go first.


[Kyle stands up as Amanda returns with Detective Myatt from the viewing the suspects.  He walks over to her quickly.]

What happened?

I couldn't say which one it was. 

[She goes over to her chair to put on her coat to leave.  Behind them, a group of men file into the room, signing off on a clipboard as they check out with the officer.  Kyle looks over at the group.]

As all the sound dropped away, I could hear the beating of many hearts, some faster than others.  But all pounded with the same tempo. . .all except one.  [He singles out one of the men.]  This man's heartbeat had a distinct arrhythmic pattern, just like the intruder at Amanda's house.

AMANDA [walks up next to him]
They're never gonna find who took my bracelet.

Amanda was wrong.  [watches as the man signs clipboard]  It was him.  I was sure of it.

You two can head home.  I'll keep you posted.  [leaves]

I'd already told the police I hadn't seen his face, so how could I prove it?  They'd never believe how I knew it was him.

[Kyle observes the man walking down the hallway towards the exit.  He watches him for a moment, then follows him out the door.  Standing outside in the back of the station, he looks all around, but he doesn't see him.

AMANDA [follows him outside]
[excited]  Kyle, what's wrong?  Did you see the guy? [she looks around]


But I had heard him . .and lost him.  And let Amanda down again.

Kyle's Room

[Back home again, Kyle is wallowing in his bathtub.  Lori comes in and finds him.]

LORI [stands at end of tub]
You okay? [Kyle looks up at her]
Didn't go so well at the police station? [comes around and leans against his desk]

No.  I just thought if I could help get Amanda's bracelet back that -

She'd forgive you for not telling her about Charlie.

I know it doesn't make any sense.

It totally does.  You want a second chance.

But all I do is disappoint her.

LORI [sits on edge of the tub]
This is not happening.  You guys cannot  end up like me and Declan.

This is different.  Amanda and I are just friends.  At least we used to be.

Kyle, you've been crushing hard on her ever since you saw her.  [smiles]  Well. . .at least since that day at the pool, if you know what I mean.

Don't remind me.

Tell her how you really feel.

This is the wrong time.

Well, if you can't tell her, then show her.  Get her bracelet back.

How am I supposed to do that?

Do I look like the one with the 300 IQ?

In the Driveway

[Josh is happily wiping down his "new" old car.]

JOSH [to himself]
Man, I cannot wait to get behind the wheel of this baby.

STEPHEN [walking up]
Oh, yes you can.
[Not sure what's going on, Josh just smiles at him]
You wanna talk to me about the pot?

JOSH [innocent]

I know you're smokin' it.  I know where you're gettin' it.  [Josh looks serious]  And if you think you're gonna get stoned in my house, then you must still be high.

JOSH [working it]
So I can get stoned out of the house then?

STEPHEN [dead serious]
You're gonna joke with me now?

JOSH [shrugs]
Dad, I tried it like twice.  I'm not hurtin' anyone.

You're hurting yourself.

JOSH [defensive]
All it does is mellow me out.  And it's fun.  But I guess you and mom already know that.  [He walks past his dad towards the front door.]

STEPHEN [turning around]
We are not talkin' about me or your mom.

JOSH [faces him]
This is unbelievable!  Are you gonna lecture me when you had that shoebox stashed in your closet?

STEPHEN [angry]
Don't get me started on the invasion of privacy thing!  The bottom line is, you are not gettin' high on my watch!

What are you really pissed about?!  [Stephen listens with incredulous expression.]  That I got high on your watch. . .or high on your weed?

[Josh turns away and walks up the steps into the house, slamming the front door.]

Kyle's Room

[Sitting at his desk in front of his computer, Kyle pulls up an architectural plan of all of the houses in the neighborhood on the monitor.  Lori stands next to him looking at the diagram.]

Okay, this is the area where all the break-ins happened.

Big area.

Not if you know what to look for or what the robber looks for.  All of the break-ins fit a pattern.  They all happen between 1:00 am and 3:00 am, and the robber chooses houses with secluded side entrances, like the one at Amanda's house. 
[He clicks the mouse and many of the houses are immediately marked out in red.]
And all the houses he hits have no adult male in them.
[Clicks again and more houses are disqualified.]

Nice.  A thief and a chauvinist.

He doesn't like alarms, either.  [Marks out more houses]

Then there were five.

KYLE [smiles and looks up her]
Actually, no.  He doesn't like dogs either. [another click of the mouse]

Okay, how do you know that none of these other places don't have any dogs or alarms or men?

I read the public records.

Which public records?

KYLE [shrugs]
All of ‘em.

Okay, well what about our alarm?  Ever since the break-in, mom and dad have been setting it at night, and I don't know the code.

KYLE [smiles]
I can figure it out.

Will you give it to me?

Yes. . .if you help me.

Fine.  But if I'm going to risk sneaking out at 1:00 in the morning, you better be right.

KYLE [clicks the mouse one last time]
This is the house.
[The diagram zooms in on the one house in the neighborhood that has not been eliminated.]


[Kyle and Lori are parked at the curb across from the house.  The only sound outside is the crickets chirping in the middle of the night.  Sitting in the front seat, they are both watching the outside of the house.]

This is so not the house.
[She chugs the last of her drink, crunches the can with one hand and tosses it over her shoulder into the backseat.]
I can't believe I snuck out of the house and swiped mom's car for this.  How much longer do we have to wait out here?

KYLE [still watching the house]
Just give it ten more minutes.

You said that ten minutes ago.

I promise.  This is the house.

You're making promises my bladder can't keep.
[He looks over at her and she gives him a little grin.]

Oh.  I guess I figured you'd be better at this.

What is that supposed to mean?

Well, when you sneak out with Declan, you spend most of your time parked in a car, right?

That's way different.

KYLE [with a little smirk]
Why?  Because you're in the back seat, not in the front?

LORI [smiling]
Kyle. . .you made a joke.  Or are you just taking your frustrations out because "somebody" [points at him with both fingers] picked the wrong house?

This is the house.

LORI [looks at front of the house]
Kyle, it takes a big man to admit when he's wrong.
[She sees a man in a hooded jacket lingering in front of the gate outside the house; reaches for her cell phone.]
And an even bigger woman to admit when he's right.

[After a few moments, the intruder makes his move.  Jumping to the top of the gate, he makes his way over the wall onto the property.]

911.  What's your emergency?

Um, yes, I'd like to report a robbery in progress.

Driveway - The Next Morning

[Stephen walks out of the front door towards the driveway.  Dressed in a jacket with his hands in the pockets, he sighs in the early morning cold.  Already up and busy, Kyle has been working on the engine of Josh's car in the driveway.]

STEPHEN [spots Kyle]
Hey, how's it comin'?

KYLE [walks around car and closes hood]
Good.  I just need that new distributor cap Josh was gonna pick up. [grabs a rag to clean off his hands]

Yeah.  Well, Kyle, it looks like you're gonna be workin' solo on this beast for awhile.  [leans back against the hood of car]  Did Josh tell ya he was grounded?

He said you went all Broken Arrow on him.  Was that what he was talking about?

STEPHEN [nods]
Without a doubt.
[Kyle leans against hood, too.  Stephen looks over at him.]
What else did he say?

That you busted him for smoking a big, fat flank.

STEPHEN [laughs]
Well, you haven't been, have you?

KYLE [smiles]

No.  I didn't think so.  It's not good for you, plus it's against the law.

But Josh said he found it in your room.

Yeah, well. . .it's complicated.

Well, if something's a crime for one person, shouldn't it be a crime for everybody?
[Stephen looks at him with a chagrined expression.]

Nicole's Office

[Busy writing up her notes at the desk, Nicole looks up when Lori comes to the door of her office.]

So, what's her glitch? [Nicole closes her notebook as Lori strolls over to the desk]
Come on, give me the dirt on the new girl.  Drugs?  Torturing animals?  Got the urge to purge?

Why the sudden interest in my patient's problems?

Oh, so you admit that she does have a problem.  Interesting. 
[Nicole just looks at her]
Fine.  You wanna dodge the question, okay by me.

I don't discuss my patients, Lori, you know that.  But I am willing to discuss why you're so concerned about the new girl.
[Lori just smiles and shrugs]
Yeah, now who's dodging the question?
[With a toss of her head, Lori prances out of the office.]

Josh's Room

[With a sigh, Stephen knocks on the open door.  Josh is laying on his bed listening to his I-Pod.  He takes out the earplugs when he sees his dad.]

Look, Josh, I know how you feel.

No, you don't.  This is totally -

- unfair?
[Walks over and sits on the edge of the bed.]
My father, your grandpa, was a pretty heavy drinker.  It was one of the only things he was good at.  [Crosses arms over his chest and sighs]  One day, he caught me sneaking a whiskey out of his liquor cabinet and he tore me a new one, which, incidentally, was the other thing he was good at.  [Josh is seriously listening]  Now, he was the last person that should be lecturing me about drinking, but. . .just because he was a hypocrite, doesn't mean he was wrong.  [Josh considers this]  He taught me something, without even knowing it, that. . .what you do is just as important as what you say.  So. . .if you can't smoke up, neither can I.  That sound fair?

JOSH [nods]
Unless we both agree to keep partying.

STEPHEN [smiles]
Not a chance.


[Amanda pulls up in the driveway.  When she gets out of the car and starts to walk towards her house, Lori and Kyle come up behind her.]

Hey, how'd it go? [Amanda turns around]

Um, well, they caught the guy.

LORI [smiling]
Courtesy of your Friendly Neighborhood Kyle.  [She and Kyle smile at each other]


Kyle data-crunched the guy's break-in pattern and CSI-ed where he was gonna rob next and then "somebody"  [points to herself]  called in an anonymous tip.  [excited]  They should give us guns and badges.  Or maybe just a really cool taser.
[Amanda smiles a little, but it is not the reaction Lori was expecting.]
You don't look so happy about them catching the guy.

Well, he admits he broke into the house, but he's telling the police he didn't steal anything.  He says he never even saw my bracelet.

And they believed him?

No, they're still charging him with stealing it, but. . .they found crystal meth on him.  [Kyle watches her closely]  They figure he pawned it for drug money. [sadly] I'll probably never see it again.


[The door monitor rings as Lori and Kyle walk in off the street.  Looking around at the merchandise, they walk towards the front of the shop.]

We don't even know he sold it to a pawn shop.

What's your lucky number, Kyle?

I didn't know numbers could be lucky.

Sure they can, and for a lot of people, their lucky number is seven.

That's how many pawn shops we've been to.

No, really?

So you think because seven's a lucky number, we might find Amanda's bracelet here?
[He looks down into a glass display case at the front of the store.]

I'm just saying, yes, there's a good chance that we won't find it, but we might get lucky.  We can't give up hope.

KYLE [looking into case]
Is that it?

Well, that's not all it is, I mean -

No, is that it?  [points toward a gold charm bracelet in the display case]

CLERK [walking up behind case]
Can I help you two find somethin'?

This bracelet.  [Lori and Kyle are both pointing at it.]

It was stolen [the clerk looks up] from our neighbor's house a couple of nights ago.

CLERK [shakes his head]
Impossible.  That bracelet's been in the store goin' on three weeks now.

No, that's impossible.  The robbery happened Sunday night.  The man who sold you this bracelet stole it from our neighbor's house.

CLERK [looks her in the eyes]
I'm not a fence, lady.  I don't deal in stolen merchandise.

LORI [starts to pull her phone out of her purse]
Well, let's see if the cops agree.

Okay, easy Veronica Mars.  I don't need another headache with the cops, all right?
[Walks over to a receipt book and flips through it until he finds what he's looking for.  Brings book over to them.]
Well, it looks like you're wrong on both counts.  That bracelet's been in the store three weeks and two days, and it wasn't pawned by a man.  [Lays book on case in front of them]  It was a woman.

[Lori and Kyle read the receipt in the book.  It was filled out by Carol Bloom, with her address, phone number and a description of the bracelet.]

No way.

I can't believe it.  Amanda's mom sold her bracelet.
[He and Amanda stare at each other for a moment.  Shocked, Kyle looks over at the clerk.]

Lori's Room

[Lori is lying on her bed with her stuffed animals.  Kyle is sitting cross-legged at the end of the bed with his arms folded.]

Why would Mrs. Bloom pawn Amanda's bracelet and then say it was stolen during the robbery?

LORI [holds stuffed pink pig on her lap]
Because that way she could get the money for selling it, plus the insurance money for reporting it stolen.

She shouldn't be allowed to do that.

Well, apparently she can.  Unless we turn her in.

I don't wanna get Amanda's mom in trouble.

A good way to repay her for all the kindness she's show you.  [Kyle gives her a look]  But I guess not the best way to get back into Amanda's good graces.

I just want Amanda to have the bracelet her dad gave her.

I wish there was a way we could do it so that Amanda doesn't know her mother hocked it.

Maybe there is.

Stephen and Nicole's Room

[Stephen is going through his shirts hanging up in the closet.  Nicole comes in carrying a basket of laundry.]

NICOLE [puts basket on the bed]
So, is it time to send in Worse Cop?

STEPHEN [walks over to the bed]
Actually, Worse Cop is off the clock.  Bad Cop had a talk with our suspect and he's agreed not to smoke up anymore.

Wow.  How'd you get him to do that?

By promising him I wouldn't either.

NICOLE [laughs]
Big sacrifice.  I can't even remember the last time you got high.

Well, you know, marijuana does cause memory loss. [walks back to closet]

Funny.  [folding towels]  Well, all that stuff ever made me do was eat half the refrigerator and fall asleep.  [Stephen looks over and grins]  So my ass certainly won't miss it.
[sees him going through clothes]  What d'ya lookin' for?

STEPHEN [pulls out a shirt]
My blue dress shirt.  I have a job interview.


STEPHEN [walks over with shirt on hanger]
Yeah, gotta call from that corporate headhunter.

Well, what's the job?

I don't know.  Some big company wants someone to head up their experimental software division. [Nicole smiles happily] It's pretty much somethin' I've always wanted to do.  Maybe LWK goin' under is the best thing that ever happened to me.

NICOLE [walks up close to him]
Oh, besides me, of course.

STEPHEN [caresses her cheek]
Ooh, of course. [goes back to closet and picks through more shirts]

So when do they want to see you?

Uh, they're setting it up right away.

Stephen, that is so great.
[Walking past him with empty laundry basket]
And you don't even have to worry if they give you a drug test. [leaves]

STEPHEN [over shoulder]


[The clerk looks up from his seat behind the display case when the door monitor rings.  Kyle comes in and walks straight up to the counter.]

I'm here for the charm bracelet.

How much you got to spend?

Not spend.  Trade.

CLERK [standing]
That bracelet didn't exactly come out of a gumball machine.  [Kyle starts to take off his necklace.]  You wanna trade, you better have something of [Kyle shows him the ring]. . .value.  That's a beautiful stone.  Do you mind?

VOICEOVER [takes it off the cord]
It was a gift from Adam Baylin and it meant a lot to me.  But so does Amanda.

[He hands the ring to the clerk and waits anxiously.  The man examines the ring closely.]

Tell you what.  I'm in a good mood.  Even trade.

KYLE [hesitates]
All right.

CLERK [takes charm bracelet out of case and gives it to Kyle]
There we go.

KYLE [looks at the bracelet; gestures towards the ring in clerk's hand]
I'll be back for that.

I'll be here.
[Kyle smiles at him and leaves.  The clerk opens the glass case and puts the ring into one of the slots in the ring holder and slides the door shut.]


[Kyle knocks on the front door of the house.  Amanda's mother answers the door.]

Amanda's not home.  [starts to shut door in his face]

Actually, I'm [she stops and opens door again]. . .here to see you. 
[She raises her eyebrows at him.]
I know you sold Amanda's bracelet.

MRS. BLOOM [lying]
I don't know what you're talking about.
[Kyle holds out the charm bracelet.  She is upset when she sees it.]

I don't have to tell her and neither do you.  I figured you could tell her that you found it.  That it wasn't stolen after all.

AMANDA [walks up behind her mother]
[Mrs. Bloom steps aside and Amanda sees him holding the bracelet.  Her mother stares at Kyle.]
What are you doing with my bracelet?
[He looks down at the bracelet but doesn't answer her.]
Where did you find it?
[Kyle looks over at her mother]
Kyle, how did you get my bracelet back?
[Turns to her mother who is looking at Kyle with tears in her eyes.]
Mom. . .  [Her mother turns to her.]  What's going on?

MRS. BLOOM [swallows]
[quietly]  Kyle, will you excuse us please?  I need to have a talk with Amanda.
[Kyle nods at her]
[smiles] Thank you.
[Gestures to Amanda]  Come on.
[They turn away and she shuts the door.]


[Josh and Kyle are walking towards a mailbox on the sidewalk.]

Who's the letter for?

KYLE [puts letter in mailbox]
Just someone who needs help even if they don't realize it.  [They walk back the other way]
So how long you grounded?

It depends if they give me time off for good behavior.

At least they let you out of the house.

JOSH [chuckles]
Cause they know I'm with you.

I'm not gonna narc on you.  Besides, I thought you were done smokin' that stuff anyway.

Don't knock it till you rock it.  You're all about expanding your mind.

I can do that on my own.  So can you.

JOSH [stops; Kyle turns around]
Not all of us have your brain power, dude.

Then you can't afford to waste any, can you? [walks on while Josh just stands there]

The Living Room

[Sitting on the sofa, Stephen picks up a game controller and turns on G-Force.  Josh walks into the foyer and stops for moment looking into the room.  Stephen looks up and sees Josh standing there.]

STEPHEN [beckons with controller]
Hey.  Come on, I'll play ya.

JOSH [walks into room]
Thought I was grounded.

Well, inmates even get an hour a day in the yard.
Look, Josh.  [looks up at his son]  I don't want to raise you in a prison.  You're becoming a man.  They're gonna be a lot of bumps in the road.  I know where a lot of those bumps are.  So if you're straight with me, I promise I'll be straight with you. It'll make both our lives a lot easier.
[Josh smiles and sits on the sofa next to his dad.]

STEPHEN [they both pick up headsets and put them on]
[chuckling]  All right.

Josh, where ya been?  That ganja must've really put you in dry dock.
[Josh sighs]

Hey man, who's Itchy Trager Finger?
[Stephen laughs to himself.]

Uh. . .that's my dad.
[Both of Josh's friends immediately sign off.  Stephen and Josh laugh at the same time.]

So you still wanna play me?

Hey, just cause I can't smoke pot doesn't mean I can't smoke you.
[They start playing the game, but in just a few seconds, Josh wipes out Stephen's man.]

STEPHEN [sounding serious]
Go mow the lawn.
[Josh laughs]


[Jessi sits at the counter in the kitchen tapping out a drawing while Emily talks on her cell phone.]

Yes, sir.  I think our patient's first session went very well.

Has she met the boy?

Not yet.

Find out who he knows, what he does with his time and get her into his world.  Her sole focus should be Kyle.

Yes, sir.

[They both hang up.  Emily turns around and watches the girl.  Jessi is finishing up a drawing she has created of Declan.  It is a picture of his face when she first saw him at the Trager's house.]

Kyle's Room

[Lying on his back in the tub, Kyle stares up at the ceiling and smiles.]

By now, I knew Amanda's heartbeat well enough to know it was her outside my door.

AMANDA [walks in through open door; Kyle sits up in the tub]
Room in there for two?
[Kyle crosses his legs to make room for her and she climbs into the tub across from him.]
I wanna thank you for getting my bracelet back.  Especially after the way my mom treated you.  Since my dad died [Kyle is completely listening], we've been having money troubles, and I know that's no excuse, but at least you can see why she did it.

KYLE [gently]
Amanda, you don't have to explain anything to me.

But I want you to know that she called the police and told them the bracelet wasn't stolen.

KYLE [nods]
That's good.

She was just. . .too proud to admit that we were in trouble.  I guess she was scared of me finding out the truth.  But I'm tougher than people think.

I know. [pauses]
I'm sorry.

Don't be.  You kept my mom's secret because you were trying to protect me.  Like you were trying to protect me by not telling me about Charlie.  The really stupid part is. . .I wasn't even mad at you. This whole time I was just mad at myself for almost sleeping with that stupid cheat.

You mean you didn't sleep with him the night of the bonfire?

No.  [He admires her with his eyes and is also pleased]
Kyle, you've done so much for me.  Let me do this for you.
[She pulls an envelope out of her back pocket and hands it to him.  He takes it and looks inside.]
It's the money my mom got for selling the bracelet.  We both want you to have it, so you can get your ring back.

How did you know?

Because. . .you're the kind of person who would give something up just to get back something important for someone else.

I can't take this.
[He tries to return it, but she covers his hand with both of hers and pushes the envelope back towards him.]
[emotionally struggling] You know how you said that. . .you just wanted things to go back to the way that they were? [she nods]
That's all I want.

AMANDA [looks down at their hands still touching]
[smiles] I don't want that anymore.  I want things to be better.

[She reaches for him, and he puts his arms around her as she lays her head on his shoulder.]

As I held Amanda in my arms, I realized that as much as I liked to hear her heartbeat. . .it was even better to feel it.  [They hold each other closely]

[At the police station, the Detective walks over to Amanda's intruder waiting in a chair and hands him a letter.  He begins to open the envelope.]

I guess mistakes are really second chances, even if they don't seem that way at the time.  The thief didn't know it, but the drugs had damaged his heart, giving him the irregular heartbeat that gave him away.

[The man reads the note inside.  It says, "Have a doctor look at your heart soon!"  He looks up at the Detective for a moment and back down at the note.]

But getting caught just might have saved his life.


[Inside the glass display case, the slot that had held Adam's ring is empty.  Searching for the ring, Kyle looks down into the case.]

CLERK [walks in from back office]
It's not in there, kid.  Your ring?  I sold it.

KYLE [surprised]
Sold it?

It's the damnedest thing. I haven't sold a ring out of that case in gotta be six months.  Couldn't keep yours in there more than a few hours.

Well, who bought it?

Someone who paid me a lot of money to lose the receipt.
[He sits downs and Kyle stares at him, dismayed that the ring is gone.]

Ballantine's Office

[Stephen is sitting on the other side of the desk across from Mr. Ballantine.]

Well, that means a lot to me, sir.  I can't wait to be a part of the team.

Well, you won't have to.  We want you to start right away.  Welcome to Madacorp.
[They both stand up and shake hands.]

Thank you.

[On his right hand, Ballantine is wearing a silver ring with a blue stone.  It looks exactly like the ring that Adam gave to Kyle - the ring that was sold to a mysterious buyer.]


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